How to Prepare for a Pedicure

Wear the Right Clothes

Make sure that you are comfortable and that you are dressed in pants that are easy to roll up. Remember your flip-flops and make sure that you do not wear socks or other items that you will not be able to put on before you leave the salon. Shorts or knee-length pants are perfect for your appointment so that your clothes will not get wet during the pedicure.


Don’t Trim Your Cuticles

While it can be tempting to try and prepare your feet for your nail service tech, you should leave the nails and your cuticles alone. Trimming your cuticles yourself before your service can lead to ragged cuticles after soaking before your service and you will not be likely to be able to take care of this task the way that your nail tech can. Leave this process for your pedicure.

Do Not Apply Lotion

Avoid the use of oils or lotions on your skin right before your service. You will just be creating a layer of oil that needs to be removed before your service can be done. Your nail tech will add moisture to your feet with massage lotion and other treatments at the time of your service after your nails have been cared for.

Bring Your Nail Box With You

If you have a nail box that is full of files and other tools that are for your personal use, bring it with you to the appointment. Your nail tech will usually be happy to use your own personal tools, depending on the rules and regulations of each state. If the salon has given you a box to bring in with you to each service, remember to grab it before you leave the house.

Preparing for a Pedicure is Easy

Preparing for your pedicure should not be difficult. Make sure to dress in comfortable clothes, bring your flip-flops, and let your nail tech do the hard work for you! Visit us at Herbal Nail Bar for quality pedicure services that will make your feet look and feel amazing!

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