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The Expertise and The Technology behind us

We pride ourselves on offering our clients a relaxing and rejuvenating experience by delivering exceptional service, held to the highest of safety standards.  Our clients have the utmost confidence in our protocol knowing that all of our equipment is subjected to a high-pressure, high-temperature sterilization process. By utilizing a medical device called an autoclave, we can ensure the sterility of our instruments and the safety of our clients.

All of our treatments are focused on delivering the maximum benefit while utilizing the highest quality products to cater to your specific needs. 

Some treatments, such as Permanent Makeup may require a deposit to secure your appointment. Our deposits are non-refundable if an appointment is missed or canceled with less than 48 hours notice. Should you change your mind on the original service booked, you may transfer your deposit to another service we provide prior to the 48 hour cancellation window. Thank you for understanding and abiding to our booking policy!

We specialize in helping you lose inches of unwanted body shape and combat cellulite with safe and non-invasive slimming techniques. Lie back and relax while our radio frequency works magic on you, narrowing down to fat cells, even in such problem areas like thighs and arms.

Nailomania also offers Laser Hair Removal. Your unwanted body hair will be removed using bursts of intense light energy leaving your skin smooth and preventing regrowth. Laser Hair Removal doesn’t have to be painful and take long hours. Our newest method uses MedioStar NeXT Laser – the most advanced up-to date technology. Thanks to a new high-power, dual-wavelength diode laser the procedure is practically painless. It’s also really fast – treat your legs, underarms and bikini in less than 30 minutes. The chilled tip allows us to treat larger areas effectively and efficiently on all types of skin.

Shaving, tweezing, waxing or using those harsh chemicals to remove body hair are painful and messy and can even be dangerous. Today laser hair removal is one of the most popular and common cosmetic treatments for both men and women worldwide as well as in New York City area. Our best specialists will help you get rid of unwanted hair. Forget the discomfort and enjoy your skin’s smoothness for longer periods!

To get a better idea of what our services & work ethics are like we advise to watch the video below:

Special Treatments

  • MeDioStar Laser – get rid of your unwanted body hair fast and forever!
  • Fat-freezing – a painless, safe & effective way to get rid of body fat
  • Ultherapy – non-invasive skin lifting for the eyebrows, neck & under-chin area
  • Pristine™ System – uses diamonds and vacuum to restore skin’s healthy look

Why Nailomania?


We are very proud to have some of the most highly regarded professionals working at our Body Care & Spa in NYC. Our specialists have decades of experience working with laser hair removal, skin rejuvenation and body slimming techniques we offer. They will assist you and help find best fixes for your concrete issues.

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Nailomania Salon is located right in the heart of Manhattan, in the beautifully Gramercy area, just a block away from Union Square, giving you convenient access from everywhere in NYC. We designed our office with clients in mind, it’s a place to relax, enjoy our magic, and rediscover your beauty!

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Nailomania Beauty Salon carefully follows current developments in skin and body care methods. We bring you most outstanding technologies on today’s market. Your comfort is important to us so we constantly try to offer you new, more convenient and safe procedures to reach your desired result.

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