Your Health & Happiness Are Our First Priority

The team of professionals at Nailomania LLC. want you to relax and enjoy a luxurious manicure, pedicure and nail application treatment.  We offer each and every client a new nail file, buffer and pumice stone as well as a relaxing massage.  Exfoliation and paraffin treatment options are also available to further your relaxation and rejuvenate your skin. 

We ensure your safety by sterilizing all of our tools and instruments using an autoclave device and by utilizing pedicure liners that help to prevent the spread of bacteria.  With an unwavering commitment to our strict cleanliness and safety processes, our clients can feel comfortable and confident that they are enjoying our services in a safe environment.

We utilize the highest quality products to deliver optimum results and are proud to offer acrylic solutions that are completely free of harmful methyl methacrylates (MMA’s).  Our Entity 1 Gel creates nails that are durable, glossy and naturally beautiful. Let our nail care professionals recommend a luxurious service that is right for you!

What makes Iba more than natural?

Herbal cosmetics are products containing herbal or medicinal ingredients. However, it does not mean that such products are free from animal derived ingredients, alcohol, or harsh chemicals such as sulfates, parabens, ammonia or bleaching agents.

On the other hand, halal, cruelty-free and vegan certified products such as those of Iba are guaranteed to be free of animal ingredients, alcohol and harsh chemicals, thereby giving an assurance of purity, safety and efficacy with no side effects.

Ingredients Used

  • Plant Keratin

    A vegetable-based alternative to hydrolyzed animal keratin normally found in other keratin shampoos. It consists of wheat, soy, & corn proteins which mimic the functional ratio of protein in human hair. Plant Keratin therefore gives better absorption and anchoring of proteins to damaged hair for stronger conditioning, improved flexibility and reduced hair breakage.

  • Sesame Seed Oil

    Moisturizes scalp to prevent dryness, frizziness and premature greying of hair

  • Olive Oil

    Repairs hair damage due to sun, chemicals and styling tools

  • Coconut Oil

    With vitamins and fatty acids, it nourishes hair, removes sebum build up from follicles to help hair grow thicker, longer and faster

  • Soy bean Seed Oil

    With lipids that ensure better absorption of active ingredients, it improves moisture retention and shine

  • Aloe Vera Oil

    With antiseptic properties, it soothes and calms the scalp

  • Amla Oil

    With Vitamin C, flavonoids and polyphenols, it strengthens and conditions follicles to add shine and luster to the hair

  • Neem Oil

    With anti-bacterial properties, it helps prevent dandruff and relieves itchy scalp

  • Black Seed (Kalonji) Oil

    Rich in thymoquinone, antioxidants vitamins and minerals, it nourish and strengthen hair roots to prevent hair fall and promote regrowth

Hand & Foot Care

  1. Spa Manicure – $35
  2. Entity 1 Gel Polish Manicure – $50
  3. Entity 1 Polish Change – $35
  4. Ombre Full Set – $70
  5. Spa Pedicure – $45
  6. Exfoliation or Paraffin Treatment – $15
  7. French Polish – $7
  8. Rain Forest Exfoliation Pedicure – $65
  9. Spa Pedicure & Manicure – $70
  10. Pedicure and & Polish Manicure – $90

Nail Application

  1. Gel Pink & White Full Set – $70
  2. Gel Pink & White Re-touch – $60
  3. Gel Pink Re-touch – $60
  4. Acrylic P & W Full Set – $65
  5. Acrylic P & W Re-touch – $55
  6. Acrylic Pink Re-touch – $45
  7. Nail Art Design – $10
  8. Take Off Nails – $25
  9. Polish Change – $15
  10. Polish Change Gel – $35


Revitalize your feet with our reflexology treatment, providing the ultimate relaxation while promoting self-healing. Our treatments are customized and do require an appointment, please call for further details.