MeDioStar NeXT Pro

Laser technology has been around for over half a century. It was used as a removal tool for unwanted hair as early as the mid-1960s and was finally approved by the FDA in 1997. Since then there have been a lot of different variations of the machine trying to make the procedure faster, less painful, and generally more pleasant.

The MeDioStar NeXT Pro is the newest evolution of the hair removal laser that excels in all the criteria above taking hair removal to an entirely new level. The technology allows fast and essentially painless treatment. It’s the most popular and powerful high speed hair removal machine worldwide, allowing treatment of large areas such as the entire back in only 5 minutes! The device can address a wide variety of skin concerns, combining dual wavelength function with smooth pulse technology. Thanks to the fiber bundle delivery it generates the flattest beam possible, making the removal process even more effective. As far as patient comfort, the device is equipped with a peltier cooling chip that controls skin temperature that allows more comfort than the widely used sapphire cooling system used by most hair removal devices.

What is laser?

Laser stands for “Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation“ and has been gaining popularity since it’s invention in 1960. Today it is used in different branches of science and technology as well as in medicine. Goldman was the first to use it for dermatological purposes in 1963.

Laser is a light source that emits a narrow beam of a defined wavelength. Its uniform waves propagate with little divergence, i.e. they are almost parallel. There are different kinds of lasers depending on wavelength (from ultraviolet to infrared) and laser powers (from a few fractions of a milliwatt for use in diagnostics to the kilowatt range of high-power lasers for use in the industry). In the case of continuous emission, we refer to the laser as continuous-wave laser (cw)
In the case of single pulse excitation it is called a pulser laser. It’s Q switch laser when excitation energy is collected and then followed by a sudden release.

What are the benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

  • Xtreme Lashes® Eyelash Extensions by Jo Mousselli is a Semi-permanent extension (lasts 4-5 weeks)
    *FlexFusion Glue for Super Sensitive Eyes (3hr Cure)
    *HP-Ultra Glue for Normal Eyes (48hr Cure)
  • Safe, durable, water-resistent
  • Lengthens & thickens without mascara
  • Beautiful, natural-looking lashes

Options for her

  1. Full Face – $275
  2. Full Leg – $440
  3. Full Arm – $200
  4. Bikini – $150
  5. Brazilian – $220

Options for him

  1. Full Back – $440
  2. Chest – $385
  3. Full Arm – $385
  4. Under Arm – $275
  5. Neck – $100


Q:  How often do I need to have Laser Hair Removal treatments?
A: To achieve the best result it’s recommended to schedule an appointment every 6-8 weeks.
After 6-8 such procedures most of our clients usually need a touch up package with 8-12 week intervals until all hair is removed.

Q: How many procedures will I need to have my unwanted body hair removed for good?
A: It usually takes 6 to 8 sessions to lose 60-90% of unwanted body hair. If we are working on large areas with more unruly hair, more procedures may be required.

Q: What are chances of my hair growing back?
A: We guarantee that there are no such chances and we have hundreds of successful cases to refer to. As stated on our website, Eureka offers permanent hair removal. The way the procedure works is to damage hair follicles and make re growth impossible. However hormonal changes may trigger growth of new hair especially on chin and facial area. It is also possible that a few hair follicles partially escaped the laser beam during the procedures. Both of these cases can be resolved with additional sessions.

Q: Do you offer late evening appointments? 
A:  Yes, we offer late evening hours as well as weekend appointments. MeDioStar laser, the laser hair removal technology we use works up to 10 times faster than other laser hair removal machines currently available. It is also compatible with different size headpieces allowing us to treat larger areas faster. Getting rid of unwanted hair on your back will take no longer than 5 minutes! You can do it on your lunch break! Our laser hair removal procedure is painless and needs no recovery time!

Q: How painful are the procedures?
A: Thanks to advanced the MeDioSTAR Laser and it’s chilled tip, the pain is reduced to a minimum. Laser hair removal feels like a warm heat sensation on the skin. However if your pain tolerance is low, Lidocaine 5 mg topical ointment will help the case.

Q: Is there anything I should do in preparation for my laser hair removal session?
A: Our specialists advise exfoliating and/or shaving the procedure designated areas one night prior to the appointment. Waxing should be done at least two weeks before your appointment at Eureka. Please note that your appointment may be cancelled or an extra charge may apply if you come in without preparation.

Q: What are your prices?
A: Our prices are competitive. Always keep an eye on our online specials for the best pricing options available. Taxes and gratuities are not included in the price. We offer free consultation so you can find out more about the services we offer and get a customized laser hair removal treatment for your skin tone and hair type. Our certified, trained professionals will help you learn more about our services and help you choose the right one.
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